LIC AAO Salary ,Job Description,Allowances and Perks

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on 30 January 2019

LIC Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO) is one of the best entry-level jobs in the insurance sector and hence, is highly demanding.LIC separately recruits AAO.If you are an LIC AAO aspirant, you should have a clear idea about LIC AAO Salary and Allowances, job profile, i.e. roles and responsibilities of LIC AAO,Transfer and Promotions and career opportunities . In this article, we will provide you with all the information.

Job profile of LIC AAO:

You will be placed at a role of Assistant Administrative Officer.The name itself suggests that you will be provided will a load of Administrative work.It may include:

  • Formulating new schemes, inspecting policies
  • Coordinating with other departments, provide assistance
  • Managing and filing claims, client interactions

The LIC AAO job profile does not involve travelling a lot but at times, you may have to visit certain areas for follow up & not specifically for sales.

Salary & Allowances::

  • As an LIC AAO you will receive a basic pay of Rs. 17240/- per month.
  • The scale of pay is Rs. 17240- 840(14) –29000– 910(4) –32640 (note that this is under revision) You will be entitled to receive other admissible allowances as per rules.
  • The total emoluments after adding allowances at the minimum of the scale inclusive of House Rent Allowance & City Compensatory Allowance will be approximately Rs 40,245/- per month in ‘A’ Class city.


LIC is the largest insurance company in India and has millions of policy holders.Hence it requires a huge work force to fulfill its customers.LIC promotions and seniority ladder has been given below.
AAO << AO << Assistant Divisional Manager << Divisional Manager << Senior Divisional Manager << Zonal Manager
In LIC 1st promotion takes 6–7 years where as in banks it takes about 3–4 years.
Benefits provided by LIC

Defined Contributory Pension, Special Allowance for passing Actuarial Examination, Gratuity, LTC, Cash Medical Benefit, Group Mediclaim, Group Personal Accident Insurance, Group Insurance, Vehicle Loan (2-wheeler/4-wheeler) as per rules.

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